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There are many complexities associated with planning and coordinating life-long care for dependent individuals. Lifecare Associates,  is a structured group of interdisciplinary professionals with expertise in problem-solving challenging dilemmas.

We at  Lifecare Associates demonstrate many years’ experience both in major health systems in the State of Oregon, & Washington, and in public Medicaid programs. We possess expertise in providing assessments, in-order to provide comprehensive recommendations for a variety of medical and social needs. Individually and collectively, we demonstrate skill in providing effective, time-pressured interventions with individuals and families involved in complex social, medical, and financial situations. Our combined knowledge, experience and resources, ensure risk reduction for referring professionals and organizations, plus cost-effective service, quality planning and care coordination for patients/clients and families.

With many years of experience working in managed care environments and facilitating solutions for complex cases with complex needs, our technical knowledge of regulatory requirements and reimbursement mechanisms is substantial. The economics of Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care demand that Lifecare Associates provide and secure client services that are economical and cost effective. Individualized Care Plans, with clearly defined measurable outcomes, that are consistent, expert, efficient, and productive, ensure accountability for quality care and associated expenses.

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